Our program provides a safe, stimulating and comfortable environment designed to meet school-age children’s needs for physical, social and intellectual growth and general well-being. The program supports working families and the greater community by ensuring that children are safe and engaged until they can be returned to the care of their parents or guardians. The program fosters an atmosphere that encourages parent participation.

We want children in our care to gain confidence in themselves and to be happy, competent individuals. We believe that during out-of-school hours, children should be able to pursue their own interests (within set limits), explore new activities, relax and have fun. We provide structured activities that simultaneously meet the individual needs of the children in casual large and small groups. These focus on:

  • Social: Developing personal and interpersonal social skills; fostering self-worth, initiative and independence, cooperation and self-control, choice and the assumption of responsibility; promoting self-care skills, awareness of and respect for others, character-building and a sense of community.
  • Physical: Providing recreational and physical activities to develop physical skills and constructively channel children’s energy.
  • Creative: Stimulating children’s imaginations and promoting creative expression.
  • Intellectual: Sparking curiosity and encouraging development of critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making skills.

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Windsor Park After School Care Program